Beata Kirr: Connecting women and wealth

Beata Kirr is Co-Head, Private Client Investment Strategy at Bernstein, where gender equality is a priority not only internally—but also externally. 

Beata, at work and beyond, embodies Bernstein’s commitment to taking action so girls and women can be equal everywhere.


Her mission? To raise awareness of the progress that still needs to be made so gender inequality becomes a thing of the past—whether it’s closing the gender pay gap or equalizing opportunities for women to go to school, to work, and accumulate assets. 

Despite the barriers to gender equality, Beata remains hopeful. There has never been a time when conversations about equality and inclusion have been as persistent or wide-ranging, she notes. And as a woman leader at Bernstein and one of the hosts of its podcast, “Women & Wealth”, she’s adding to the powerful narrative that women can learn, grow and come into their own as female investors.

“Whether it’s forums to engage diversity or a dedicated change in HR practices at companies, the conversation is constant—and that represents enormous progress,” Beata says.

March 5, 2020