Equality is the right of every girl and woman on earth, but it isn’t her reality.

Despite some progress, there is no place, no part of life where a girl or woman is equal to a boy or man.

To overcome the obstacles that hold back half of humanity, the world needs to move faster. Equality is how we will make progress on some of the world’s biggest challenges: ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, tackling the climate crisis, and growing economies.

#EqualEverywhere brings together the United Nations Foundation and partners committed to achieving the urgent systemic change that’s needed at all levels, in all countries, to end gender discrimination. Our aim is to build, nurture, and mobilize communities of support for girls and women across and between countries, sectors and issues.

Through this campaign, you will get to know champions for gender equality who are all pushing to make the right of equality for girls and women a reality.

Join the UN Foundation, our partners, and people across the globe as we commit to #EqualEverywhere. Together we can drive greater and faster action on gender equality in every place and every part of life.

About the United Nations Foundation

The UN Foundation is an independent charitable organization created to work closely with the United Nations to address humanity’s greatest challenges, build initiatives across sectors to solve problems at scale, and drive global progress.

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Our Partners

We are grateful to be joined by the following organizations and initiatives who share our commitment to ensuring girls and women are equal everywhere. We recognize their dedication to gender equality, and the work they are doing to make sure #EqualEverywhere is a reality in their communities and across the globe.