Challenging the Stigma of Hygiene Roles

Women hold up equal signs in front of an Essity logo

In many countries, even in liberal and progressive cultures, cleaning and hygiene still carries a lot of stigma. Too often, people assume that women should take care of all the household work and responsibility involved in these tasks.

Essity believes that efforts to dispel taboos and disrupt wrong assumptions should start at a young age, since values are shaped at home, at school, and when socializing. Creating a dialogue and awareness around the role of hygiene is hugely important to eradicating gender stereotypes. They portray values where both boys and girls play important roles when it comes to sharing hygiene tasks. Through these values, they want to convey that sharing household chores is the norm.



#EqualEverywhere: Essity Challenges the Stigma of Hygiene Roles from United Nations Foundation on Vimeo.

February 21, 2020