Brave, Bold, and Fed Up with the Status Quo: Changemakers Push for Girls and Women to be Equal Everywhere, Every Day

Equality is slipping even further out of reach for girls and women. With hard-won rights unraveling and pushback intensifying, the global gender equality movement has never been more essential.

While the world pays concerted attention to this crisis on International Women’s Day each year, one day is hardly enough to bring about the change that’s needed.

It will take a collective, sustained movement to defy discrimination, reject inequality, and break down barriers that are holding girls and women back from realizing full equality.

At the forefront of the movement, you’ll find courageous, bold champions around the world striving for gender equality, undeterred by the forces against them. They’re not giving up — and neither are we.

We won’t stop until girls and women are #EqualEverywhere, every day.


From Pakistan to Peru: Voices for Gender Equality


Aarthi Kanodia | India

Aarthi Kanodia is on a mission to make clean, affordable cookstoves accessible to all women in India and beyond. As the CEO and Director of Real Flame, she’s also supporting women in the workforce, especially moms, who make up 70% of the company. For Aarthi, the path to realizing a world where girls and women are #EqualEverywhere starts with every girl and woman standing in her power and believing in her right to equality.


Agustina Casaburi | Spain

A chemical engineer by training, Agustina Casaburi is fighting to protect our planet — and all who call it home. By bringing a gender lens to her environmental work with EcoEnterprises Fund, Agustina is acutely aware of how climate change and nature loss disproportionately harm girls and women, and she’s calling on everyone to apply the same lens in their own day-to-day lives.


Granny Lesiamang | Botswana

Granny Lesiamang is a young leader, entrepreneur, and the Founder and Director of a green technology startup in Botswana. Through Clauseph Biofuels, which manufactures and distributes clean cooking technologies so households don’t have to rely on dirty fuels, Granny is helping improve the health of girls and women while simultaneously supporting economic opportunities.


Lilian Paredes | Peru

At 16 years old, Lilian Paredes is a passionate advocate for gender equality and a firm believer that empowerment begins with education. She is leading by example, pursuing her own career in computer science while fighting for the right to an education for every child and adolescent — and especially for girls in STEM.


Neha Shukla | USA

Neha Shukla is blazing a trail in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). A 19-year-old AI ethicist, she is striving to make AI safe and accessible for young people, including through her role on the World Economic Forum’s Generation AI Youth Council. When she’s not taking on disruptive technologies, she’s working toward a future free from one of the oldest, deadliest diseases on the planet: malaria.


Norah Magero | Kenya

Norah Magero is an innovator and a problem-solver. As Co-Founder and CEO of Drop Access, she pioneered a practical solution to ensure that rural clinics in Kenya can keep vaccines and other lifesaving medicines cold. Norah’s work to bring portable, solar-powered refrigeration boxes to off-grid communities mean moms can count on getting the care they need for themselves and their children.


Saro Imran | Pakistan

Driven by her personal experience as a transgender woman in Pakistan, Saro Imran is determined to realize equality for everyone, everywhere. As the Founder of the PINK Center — the first platform for transgender economic justice in Pakistan — she is helping transgender individuals overcome economic barriers and build skills as entrepreneurs.


Shanum Sarkar | Bangladesh

A gender justice advocate from Bangladesh, Shanum Sarkar is passionate about tackling gender biases in health care and education. Her wide-ranging advocacy centers around menstrual equity, mental health, equitable access to resources, and financial independence for marginalized communities. Shanum is also committed to raising funds to help children who have experienced trafficking or sexual abuse get back to school.


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March 1, 2024